Staff Leadership

At the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), policymaking begins and ends with our members. This structure is built around an elected chairman serving a two-year term, an executive committee, a board of directors, five policy committees and professional staff. Policy committees address issues and recommend policy to the board. The active participation of small and medium manufacturers (SMMs) helps ensure that adopted policies address the needs of all NAM members.


David Farr
Chair of the Board

David Seaton
Vice Chair of the Board

Drew Greenblatt
Chair, Small and Medium Manufacturers Group

Gregg M. Sherrill
Immediate Past Chair of the Board


Jay Timmons
President & CEO

Todd Boppell
Chief Operating Officer

Linda E. Kelly
Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary

Aric Newhouse
Senior Vice President, Policy and Government Relations

Jeffrey J. Pierce
Senior Vice President, Strategic Development

Erin Streeter
Senior Vice President, Communications


Robyn Boerstling
Vice President of Infrastructure, Innovation and Human Resources Policy

Adria Funkhouser Brockman
Vice President, Member and Board Relations

Dorothy B. Coleman
Vice President, Tax and Domestic Economic Policy

Linda Dempsey
Vice President, International Economic Affairs

Ross Eisenberg
Vice President, Energy and Resources Policy

Patrick Forrest
Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, Legal

Paul Hartgen
Vice President of Member and Business Services

Jamie Hennigan
Vice President, Strategic Communications

Chrysovalantis Kefalas
Vice President, Executive Communications

Tonya Muse
Executive Director, Council of Manufacturing Associations

Chad Moutray
Chief Economist

Rosario Palmieri
Vice President, Labor, Legal and Regulatory Policy

Jeannine Tini Pierce
Vice President of Board Initiatives

Amy Rawlings
Executive Director, State Associations Group and NAM Allies

Quentin Riegel
Vice President, Litigation and Deputy General Counsel

Nancy S. Riegle
Vice President, Human Resources

Timothy J. Rogers
Vice President & Controller, Accounting

Erik Rosedahl
Vice President, Issue Advocacy and Political Action

Keith Smith
Chief of Staff

Shonzia Thompson
Vice President, Meetings Management