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  • What should my company do when it discovers counterfeits?
  • How do I proactively protect and register my company’s intellectual property?
  • Should I consider potential civil and criminal actions against counterfeiters?
  • How can I take down cyber-squatters and online counterfeit sales?
  • How do I handle patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret and domain name matters?
  • How can I work with customs and law enforcement to stop counterfeiters?

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Press Releases

  • 01/31/2018
    The Center News: January 2018
    We are changing up our format a bit for this edition to provide an opportunity for our MCLA Legal Advisory Council law firm partners to provide their views on the outlook for 2018.
  • 12/21/2017
    The Center News: December 2017
    With National Labor Relations Board Chairman Philip Miscimarra departing his post this past Saturday, late last week, the Board took astonishingly broad and swift action to reverse some of the most troubling Board policies of the past several years.
  • 11/16/2017
    The Center News: November 2017
    There have been so many outrageous claims and novel theories of liability against manufacturers over the years that it is unusual to see a more straightforward, run-of-the-mill contract case make it to the Supreme Court for decision. But that happened in 2015 when the Supreme Court decided that retirees are entitled to lifetime vesting of health care benefits under a collective bargaining agreement only when the agreement can be viewed that way using standard contract interpretation principles.
  • 10/18/2017
    The Center News: October 2017

    The Administrative Procedure Act governs the process for rulemaking by administrative agencies. With WOTUS and the many other regulations that the Trump administration is seeking to reverse, the administration cannot simply wave a magic wand—or a magic pen—and undo a regulation. The agency must engage in a new rulemaking, setting forth a well-supported rationale for changing course.

  • 09/20/2017
    The Center News: September 2017

    We have observed states becoming increasingly creative and aggressive in their efforts to extract taxes and fees from manufacturers, sometimes sidestepping procedural and legal requirements.