Manufacturers: Presidential Executive Order Will Strip First Amendment Rights

Effort to Politicize Federal Contracting Process Will Harm Job Creators

National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) President and CEO Jay Timmons issued the following statement today regarding President Obama’s draft executive order to require additional disclosure for companies with government contracts:

“President Obama’s plan to inject politics into the federal contracting process through an executive order is bad policy. Further, the matter already has been rejected by Congress. 

While the NAM does not engage in political activity or have a political action committee, we are committed to protecting the First Amendment rights of manufacturing companies who participate in the government contracting process. The draft order would give this or any future Administration unchecked authority to discriminate against certain companies based on their past donations or engagement. This move is a sweeping effort to control personal political involvement through coercion.

Current law already makes it illegal for federal contractors to use taxpayer dollars for political purposes. Manufacturers oppose any attempt to place unnecessary requirements on businesses or force them to collect private information about employees and directors.

The Administration should take its cues from manufacturers who make fair and sensible decisions based on value and service when it comes to their bottom lines. If this executive order is issued, then the government contracting and procurement process will be politicized.
The NAM urges the President to reconsider this executive order that will impact job creators exercising their First Amendment rights.”

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