Level the Playing Field for Manufacturers in the U.S.

Legislation Will Allow the U.S. Government to Defend Against Unfair Subsidies

National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) Vice President of International Economic Affairs Frank Vargo issued the following statement urging members of the House to support H.R. 4105 to eliminate trade-distorting subsidies:

“In order to compete against our global competition, manufacturers in the United States need a fair and level playing field. Today, members of the House can act to give our government the ability to defend against the trade-distorting subsidized exports from China that threaten jobs and growth.

We urge all members to support H.R. 4105, which will allow the Department of Commerce to continue to apply countervailing duties to non-market economies, such as China, to defend manufacturers in the United States. If Congress fails to act quickly, thousands of manufacturers will be negatively impacted, and thousands of jobs will be put at risk at a pivotal time in our recovery. Manufacturers are facing unprecedented challenges and need Washington to level the playing field in order to prevent the loss of jobs and enforce the World Trade Organization’s prohibition against subsidized exports.”

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