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A GROWTH AGENDA: Four Goals for a Manufacturing Resurgence in America

A GROWTH Agenda: Four Goals for a Manufacturing Resurgence in America

This strategy is a blueprint for competitiveness that will unleash the economy and manufacturing’s outsized multiplier effect. Importantly, manufacturers’ aspirations—the four goals laid out in the pages that follow—are ones that all Americans who want to maintain our country’s economic advantage can rally around.

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-  National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) Vice President of Policy and Government Relations Aric Newhouse issued a statement in support of S.J. Res. 36, a joint resolution disapproving the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) rule relating to “ambush elections” for unionization.

“On April 30, the NLRB is set to overhaul 75 years of established labor policy with new union election rules that are both unnecessary and misguided. These changes, coupled with additional NLRB proposals that threaten workplace relations, undermine manufacturers’ efforts to create jobs and grow the economy.

Moreover, ‘ambush elections’ are bad news for employees as well. If the NLRB significantly shortens the time before a union election, workers will be less likely to get all the facts essential to making such an important decision. It is critical that this rule is eliminated before it does serious and lasting harm to the American workplace.

You can read the NAM’s key vote letter here.

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