President’s Plan: As EPA Regulations Increase, Jobs Decline

New Burdensome Regulations Will Drive Up Energy Costs for Businesses

Below is an excerpt of remarks National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) President and CEO Jay Timmons will deliver in a speech today at the Independent Petroleum Association of America’s midyear meeting about President Obama’s plan to impose more regulations on energy producers through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):

“President Obama today revealed his most ambitious regulatory agenda yet, one that would remake the entire U.S. economy. During the campaign, the President regularly touted increasing manufacturing jobs, and he rightly recognized that a strong and vibrant manufacturing sector is key to robust and sustained economic growth and job creation. Unfortunately, under his watch, he seems intent on taking actions that would put manufacturing in the United States out of business.

The President’s plan puts our country on a path toward the elimination of fossil fuels from our energy mix that is wholly inconsistent with his promotion of an ‘all-of-the-above’ energy plan just a few months ago.

Even if your sector is not directly affected by the President’s announcement today, you soon will be. The EPA is not going to stop with today’s announcement. First, it will be coal. Then it will be natural gas. Ultimately, this plan will make the United States less energy secure, less affordable and unable to meet our future energy needs.

Something has to give. Unfortunately, it’s going to be consumers’ wallets and the competitiveness of manufacturing in the United States. And while the President correctly notes that climate change is an international issue and that smart investments in energy efficiency are part of a strong energy policy, we simply won’t be able to compete under this plan for unilateral economic disarmament.

If the Administration carries out its vision, energy prices are guaranteed to rise. We will willingly and deliberately cede our mantle of economic leadership. It is time for Americans to say enough is enough.”

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