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A GROWTH AGENDA: Four Goals for a Manufacturing Resurgence in America

A GROWTH Agenda: Four Goals for a Manufacturing Resurgence in America

This strategy is a blueprint for competitiveness that will unleash the economy and manufacturing’s outsized multiplier effect. Importantly, manufacturers’ aspirations—the four goals laid out in the pages that follow—are ones that all Americans who want to maintain our country’s economic advantage can rally around.

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National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) Senior Vice President of Policy and Government Relations Aric Newhouse issued the following statement after Congress failed to pass a continuing resolution to fund the government beyond September 30:
“The government shutdown sends the disturbing signal to manufacturers and their employees that gridlock and partisanship are winning the day in Washington over a pro-growth and pro-jobs agenda. Regrettably, Congress also missed a rare opportunity to repeal a damaging tax on the medical device industry that, if it is not reversed soon, will cause irreparable harm to a critical sector that employs more than 400,000 people in the United States. Policymakers were elected to advance America’s competitiveness and create an environment that encourages job growth. A shutdown is failure to meet that challenge and sends a clear message of dysfunction not just to manufacturers, but to the world.” 

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