Manufacturers: Shutdown Prioritizes Gridlock Over Competitiveness

Failure to Repeal Medical Device Tax Is Yet Another Missed Opportunity to Support Pro-Growth Policies

National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) Senior Vice President of Policy and Government Relations Aric Newhouse issued the following statement after Congress failed to pass a continuing resolution to fund the government beyond September 30:
“The government shutdown sends the disturbing signal to manufacturers and their employees that gridlock and partisanship are winning the day in Washington over a pro-growth and pro-jobs agenda. Regrettably, Congress also missed a rare opportunity to repeal a damaging tax on the medical device industry that, if it is not reversed soon, will cause irreparable harm to a critical sector that employs more than 400,000 people in the United States. Policymakers were elected to advance America’s competitiveness and create an environment that encourages job growth. A shutdown is failure to meet that challenge and sends a clear message of dysfunction not just to manufacturers, but to the world.” 

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