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A GROWTH AGENDA: Four Goals for a Manufacturing Resurgence in America

A GROWTH Agenda: Four Goals for a Manufacturing Resurgence in America

This strategy is a blueprint for competitiveness that will unleash the economy and manufacturing’s outsized multiplier effect. Importantly, manufacturers’ aspirations—the four goals laid out in the pages that follow—are ones that all Americans who want to maintain our country’s economic advantage can rally around.

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Washington, D.C., -  National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) Senior Vice President of Policy and Government Relations Aric Newhouse issued this statement in support of passage of H.R. 2804, the Achieving Less Excess in Regulation and Requiring Transparency (ALERRT) Act, and H.R. 3865, the Stop Targeting of Political Beliefs by the IRS Act. The bills are set to be voted on by the House of Representatives:

“Dollars spent by manufacturers on compliance with unnecessarily cumbersome or duplicative regulations are dollars not spent on capital investment or new employees. While appropriate regulations have clear benefits, Washington has developed a regulatory instinct that is holding back growth and harming our international competitiveness. The ALERRT Act contains needed reforms that increase public participation in the rulemaking process while increasing the requirement that agencies utilize better analysis and input from small businesses.

In addition, H.R. 3865 offers critical protections of First Amendment freedoms necessary to maintain an active voice for all organizations in policy debates. Action by the IRS to hinder or intimidate the participation of representative organizations undermines the cornerstone of our freedoms and must be halted.

Passage of these bills is an important step in developing federal policies that support U.S. businesses by encouraging participation in public discussions that affect their ability to grow and create jobs. The NAM strongly supports passage of this legislation as part of a pro-growth agenda.”

To view the NAM’s Key Vote letters, please click here and here.

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