New NAM Poll Says Voters Want Candidates Who Support a Simpler Tax Code

Issue Will Be a Key Decision Point in Upcoming Election

In advance of Tax Day, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) is drawing attention to how significant tax reform is to American voters. In a new poll released today, voters say they want policymakers to work together to enact a simpler, fairer tax code. Of particular interest, American taxpayers are taking a big picture look at tax reform, offering strong support for pro-growth policies even if their personal tax burden is unaffected. The main takeaway is that voters will make tax reform a significant part of their decision in the next election.

Key findings of the NAM poll include:


  • Over 76 percent of voters will be more likely to favor a candidate who supports comprehensive tax reform.
  • Nearly 73 percent of respondents support comprehensive reform to make the tax code simpler and fairer, even if their personal tax burden remains the same.
  • An overwhelming majority, 85 percent, believe it is important that Congress and the President put aside partisanship to enact comprehensive tax reform.


“American voters in both parties want a fairer, simpler tax code, and they will back up that desire at the ballot box,” said NAM Vice President of Tax and Domestic Economy Policy Dorothy Coleman. “Among the American people, tax reform bridges the partisan divide—and voters want Congress and the Administration to move beyond the gridlock to fix our broken, uncompetitive tax code.”

To learn more about the findings, please click here.

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