Manufacturers Win First Round Against IRS Effort to Silence Advocacy Groups

Ready to Fight Future Encroachments on First Amendment Rights

NAM Senior Vice President and General Counsel Linda Kelly released this statement after the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced plans to drop its proposed rules to govern tax-exempt social welfare organizations on candidate-related political activities:

“We are pleased the IRS listened to manufacturers’ concerns and decided to drop its efforts to impinge on our First Amendment rights. These proposed rules could have upended our ability to effectively represent manufacturers and squelched our efforts to inform our members and the public on issues of importance.

Our nation benefits when America’s job creators exercise their First Amendment rights and speak out about public policy and other issues facing the nation, and these rules would have undermined such benefits. The Manufacturers’ Center for Legal Action is committed to protecting the rights of manufacturers and will continue to push back against instances of agency overreach.”

In February, the Manufacturers’ Center for Legal Action filed comments urging the IRS not to adopt the proposed rules. To read more about the Manufacturers’ Center for Legal Action, click here.

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