NAM’s Timmons Recognized with Business Citizen Award

Today, National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) President and CEO Jay Timmons was presented with the Business Citizen Award by the Friends of Adam Smith Foundation and the Business-Industry Political Action Committee. The award is given annually to a business leader with an outstanding record of achievement in supporting and advancing the principles of free enterprise: free markets, low taxes, limited government, respect for private property and the promotion of a stable economy.

“During his tenure at the NAM, Jay has been at the forefront of trying to address our nation’s economic challenges,” said Caterpillar Chairman and CEO and NAM Board Chair Doug Oberhelman. “He has been a strong leader, working to build consensus and get results. NAM members know firsthand how his leadership has boosted U.S. manufacturing, and we congratulate him on this well-deserved recognition.”

"Jay epitomizes dedication to the free enterprise principles that the Adam Smith Awards represent," said Friends of Adam Smith Foundation President and CEO Gregory S. Casey. "Jay was a ‘friend of Adam Smith’ long before the foundation issued the Champions of Free Enterprise Business Citizen Award. His entire career has been dedicated to the core principles of ethics in government and free enterprise."

Excerpts from Timmons’ remarks:

"Free enterprise is at the core of our beginning as a nation. Capitalism is part of our DNA, and it presents itself through our ingenuity…our creativity…our entrepreneurial nature…and our unyielding spirit."

"Free enterprise…competitiveness…individual liberty…and equal opportunity—those are the four principles that unite Americans, and they are the ingredients for success in the future."

"The business community has an obligation to advance these principles and to lead by example. It is critical that we are involved in the electoral process now more than ever…to help renew the faith of the American people in our government and institutions."

To read more about this year’s award ceremony, click here. To view Timmons’ prepared remarks, click here.

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