Manufacturers: House Legislation Important Next Step in Providing Stable and Reliable Infrastructure

National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) Vice President of Infrastructure, Legal and Regulatory Policy Rosario Palmieri released this statement after House passage of H.R. 5021, the Highway and Transportation Funding Act of 2014:

“Manufacturers commend the House for swift passage of H.R. 5021, which temporarily ends the uncertainty facing the Highway Trust Fund. This legislation is an important step in providing manufacturers with the stable and reliable infrastructure we need to efficiently move goods to market and compete in a global economy.

However, there is still much work to be done. Passing a fully funded, multiyear surface transportation bill is the next order of business for improving infrastructure, and manufacturers will continue to make the case to policymakers that investing in infrastructure supports competitiveness, growth and jobs.”

To view the NAM’s Key Vote letter, click here.

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