2016 Manufacturers' Outlook Survey - Third Quarter

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Regulations, Health Care Top Concerns

The third quarter NAM 2016 Manufacturers’ Outlook Survey shows manufacturers continue to cope with policy headwinds.

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NAM Manufacturing Outlook Index



(June: 42.3)

Numbers greater than 50 suggest the manufacturing outlook is above average, coinciding with an expanding sector.

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Expected Growth Rate Over the Next 12 Months 



(June: 61.7%)

Arrow Green Up1.9%


(June: Up 1.6%)

Arrow Green Up2.1%


(June: Up 1.5%)

Arrow Green Up0.4%


(June: Up 0.2%)

Arrow Green Up0.8%


(June: Up 0.6%)

Arrow Green Up 0.8%


(June: Up 0.06%)

Arrow Green Up 0.4%


(June: Up 0.2%)

Arrow Red Down 0.7%


(June: Down 1.0%)

Arrow Green Up 1.5%


(June: Up 1.5%)

Arrow Green Up 8.5%


(June: Up 8.3%)


Manufacturers’ Sentiments 


Manufacturing sentiment dropped substantially for smaller manufacturing firms (fewer than 50 employees), with just 48.7 percent positive in their outlook in this survey, down from 56.1 percent.

of respondents were positive in their outlook in this survey, down from 56.1 percent.

Manufacturers on Health Care


Rising health insurance costs were cited as their top business challenge (Figure 4), cited by nearly three-quarters of manufacturers completing the survey.

Manufacturers on Regulatory Burdens 


The cumulative burden of ever-increasing regulations comes at a cost. Manufacturers surveyed felt that government regulation stifles economic growth, disproportionately hurts small businesses, creates bureaucratic red tape and slows innovation.


The NAM Manufacturers’ Outlook Survey is conducted quarterly among the National Association of Manufacturers’ membership of small, medium and large manufacturers. Contact us today to learn more about NAM membership.

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