Manufacturers' Outlook Survey - Third Quarter

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Manufacturers Polled

The NAM released its third quarter 2015 Manufacturers’ Outlook Survey revealing cautious optimism in the face of economic and policy challenges.

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NAM Manufacturing Outlook Index



(Down from 51.8 in June)

Numbers greater than 50 suggest the manufacturing outlook is above average, coinciding with an expanding sector.

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Small Manufacturers: 43.7 (Down from 55.0)
Medium-Sized Manufacturers: 47.4 (Down from 51.4)
Large Manufacturers: 43.9 (Down from 49.8)

Manufacturers’ 12 Month Outlook

Respondents Positive in Their Company's Outlook

(Down from 76.3% in June)

Arrow Green Up 2.0%


(Down from 2.7% in June)

Arrow Green Up 2.0%


(Down from 2.8% in June)

Arrow Red Down 0.1%


(Down from a gain of 0.4% in June)

Arrow Green Up 0.7%


(Down from 1.9% in June)

Arrow Green Up 0.5%


(Down from 0.8% in June)

Arrow Green Up 0.3%


(Down from 0.8% in June)

Arrow Red Down 0.7%


(Down from a decline of 0.1% in June)

Arrow Green Up 1.5%


(Down from 1.6% in June)

Arrow Green Up 8.7%


(Up from 7.9% in June)


Manufacturers on Monetary Policy


With general improvements to the economy as of late, there has been increased pressure for the Federal Reserve to start raising short-term interest rates, yet manufacturers remain cautious.

64% of manufacturers believe there are “still sufficient weaknesses in the U.S. economy, even with recent progress. [And] as such, the Fed should not be in a hurry to raise rates.”

Manufacturers on Overtime Regulations


The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has proposed to more than double the salary threshold for employees who are exempt from overtime pay. The current salary test is $23,660, and the Administration wants to increase this to $50,440 as of 2016.

of manufacturers said that they were concerned about the impact that the proposed overtime regulations would have on their business.

The NAM Manufacturers’ Outlook Survey is conducted quarterly among the National Association of Manufacturers’ Membership of small, medium and large manufacturers. Contact us today to learn more about NAM Membership.

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