National Public Affairs Steering Committee

  National Public Affairs Steering Committee  


The National Public Affairs Steering Committee (NPASC) of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) is comprised of approximately 150 leading corporate public and government affairs executives.  Members are chosen for their recognized leadership in political and government relations, and for their ability and willingness to provide valuable insight to the NAM's public policy positions and guidance on lobbying strategies.


The defining mission is to enhance the effective involvement of NAM members in the pro-growth, pro-manufacturing advocacy efforts of the association.  Current NPASC projects include the expansion of our congressional dialogues, building and improving congressional relationships, implementing the NAM Award for Manufacturing Legislative Excellence , developing new political education and public affairs initiatives. Committee members also provide key counsel to the NAM's senior leadership.


The basic responsibilities of NPASC membership are:


  • To develop and participate in national and state-by-state public affairs activities, especially programs promoting lobbying support of priority public policy concerns of manufacturers.
  • To serve in an advisory capacity to senior policy, corporate affairs and field staff on matters affecting the NAM's public affairs initiatives, programs and capabilities and all policy and legislation affecting the manufacturing community.
  • To increase the NAM's effectiveness through personal participation in the association's member involvement programs, and by advising on corporate public affairs professional needs and suggesting political education programs.
  • To promote the status and effectiveness of the corporate public affairs profession and to illuminate the benefit of public affairs to corporate success.
  • To recommend policy positions and conduct direct lobbying on legislation impacting the public affairs arena, i.e. freedom of speech, lobbying law, taxation of lobbying activities, campaign finance, etc.


The NPASC meets 2 to 3 times a year.  Our fall and winter meetings, usually held in Washington, are one-day events and typically focus on current legislative issues.  Our spring meeting is held in conjunction with the NAM's Annual Public Affairs Conference, a three-day event that focuses on professional development, political activity and an array of legislative issues.


The NPASC is staffed by the NAM Vice President of Public Affairs along with the NAM Regional Managers and the Public Affairs Department.  NPASC by-laws are available upon request.



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