Manufacturers and their employees share a mutual goal of a safe, communicative and productive workplace. Collaboration and thoughtful rulemaking between manufacturers and governmental agencies, as well as fairness and balance in our labor law system, are essential to achieving that goal. Unfortunately, in recent years that attitude has not been found in the actions of the Department of Labor, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), or the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

Maintaining the time-tested balance between labor unions and employers is critical to economic growth and job creation. The NLRB, however, has undertaken an aggressive agenda that threaten this balance. Its proposed "quick snap" election rules, its allowing for the formation of “micro unions”, its pending decisions, and its complaint against Boeing could have a more significant impact on manufacturers than the Employee Free Choice Act, which the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) helped defeat in Congress. 

OSHA has pushed forward complex and costly rules without the necessary justification. Additionally, OSHA has proposed a rule that would require publicly reporting workplace incidents without any context for the data. This has the potential to cast significant and unfair mischaracterizations on a company or, perhaps, entire industries without moving closer to the shared goal of worker safety.
The NAM is committed to defending the rights of manufacturers and their employees and fighting changes to our labor law system that undermine employer-employee relations.

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The proposed regulation from the Department of Labor is another roadblock for manufacturers that will create more uncertainty, bureaucracy and inject politics into the contracting process. The growing regulatory burden is already a significant hurdle for those wishing to do business with the government, and this new regulation is a solution in search of a problem. There are already procedures in place to achieve the goals of this regulation without establishing a new federal bureaucracy and manufacturers call on the Administration to rescind this proposed rule.

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Ambush Elections

Shortening the time frame before an election robs employees of the ability to gather the facts they need to make an important and informed decision like whether or not to join a union and denies employers adequate time to prepare. It is critical that this rule be eliminated before it does serious and lasting harm in the workplace.

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