Ninety-seven percent of NAM members provide health care benefits to their employees. Since 1999, employer-sponsored health care premiums have increased by nearly 120 percent. The rising cost of manufacturers’ healthcare is unsustainable. It is threatening the ability of manufacturers to create jobs and compete in the global economy.

The NAM and its members are extensively involved in implementation of the new health care law with the goal promoting healthcare reform that reduces out-of-control costs and improves patients’ access to care. Manufacturers believe it is critical to preserve what’s working in our health care current system while addressing the inefficiencies and problems that cost manufacturing in the United States billions of dollars a year.

To drive down costs in the long term and extend manufacturers health care coverage, the NAM supports regulatory implementation that includes a focus on preventative care, proper use of health information technology, and alignment of incentives so that successful outcomes are rewarded. We are concerned about benefit mandates in the legislation that limit the flexibility of employers to provide tailored, cost-effective plans to employees. Manufacturers in America advocate increasing access for small businesses and uninsured individuals by reforming the small group and individual insurance market.