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High-speed voice, video and data services provide limitless opportunities for manufacturers to innovate and create jobs. NAM supports a legislative and regulatory environment that promotes the deployment, management and use of high-speed data transmission and maximizes user choice in the selection of communications solutions, whether private facilities or carrier-supplied, wireless or wireline, terrestrial or satellite, as long those choices do not harm or compromise the integrity of advanced telecommunications networks. 

Manufacturing Means Technology
No matter how you wire it... Technology streams jobs.  A decrease in investment means a decrease in innovation -- impacting the ability to put new products in the marketplace.

Manufacturers have become technology companies. They have leveraged the Internet to compete, deploy new technologies, connect with their workforce and their customers, reduce costs, cut waste, enhance the environment and create safer, more reliable products. President Obama’s proposal to regulate the Internet, using an 80-year-old law enacted during the era of rotary telephones, threatens to curtail future investment in our nation’s communications infrastructure, which has helped fuel this manufacturing innovation engine.

Estimates indicate that capital investment by certain broadband providers could be between $28.1 and $45.4 billion lower than expected over the next five years if wireline broadband reclassification occurs.  If even half of the ISPs decide to pull back investment, the impact on the tech equipment sector will be immediate and severe, and the impact would be even greater if wireless broadband is reclassified.

On behalf of all Americans who depend upon the broadband Internet that has flourished under the current approach, we reject backward looking demands for reclassification. The NAM will continue to support increased deployment of high-speed Internet services, an Internet that is free from regulation, and spectrum management issues.

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