Infrastructure Security

Privacy and Data Security

The NAM supports manufacturers' efforts to safeguard data that is entrusted to them. Because manufacturers recognize that respecting privacy builds consumer confidence, the manufacturing industry's best practices in the proper handling of data are constantly adapting and evolving to address new threats. When the government mandates the use of specific tools or technologies, they can become quickly outdated, thereby stalling innovation.

The NAM works to ensure that the manufacturing industry's best practices and market-based solutions are used to protect data, the sensitivity of the information handled and the purposes for which it will be used to drive privacy and security policies, and government agencies and private organizations are held to the same standards as industry.


The NAM recognizes that the maintenance and protection of our nation's cyber-infrastructure is critical to national and economic security, and we work with the federal government to advance the cybersecurity of our nation through increased collaboration and coordination with the private sector.

Internet-based attacks can wreak havoc on industry and government agencies alike. Due to the interdependence and reliance of the entire economy and government on the Internet for communication, commerce and homeland security, the Internet deserves continued attention in national homeland security initiatives and preparedness activities.

Because the manufacturing industry is a leader in responding to new cybersecurity threats, the NAM supports a cybersecurity policy that draws on industry-driven best practices and the private sector to continue to develop appropriate general and industry-specific best-practices for improved security.

Webinar: Heightened Manufacturing Cyber Risks in a Complex, Interconnected World
October 13, 2015

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