Trade Facilitations and Customs

Current customs and border policies are costing American manufacturers billions of dollars a year in increased operating costs and preventing manufacturers from moving their products in and out of the United States efficiently. Outdated customs rules and bottlenecks impede the just-in-time manufacturing process which is so critical to the productivity and efficiency of the U.S. manufacturing sector.

We support a new approach based upon strong risk-management principles that provides security without delaying low-threat imports vital to American industry. Regulations and policies must be created to serve our national security needs without unduly burdening legitimate commerce and our economic competitiveness. On the commercial side, more must be done to create new modern operating procedures that facilitate the efficient movement of goods while protecting the integrity and authenticity of the goods.

The NAM has almost singlehandedly brought these technical but economically significant trade concerns to the forefront, and important progress is being made toward a workable remedy for some of the most pressing problems.



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