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When you join the NAM (National Association of Manufacturers) you join forces with the leading advocate for a pro-growth agenda and the powerful voice of the manufacturing community. The NAM - 11,000 manufacturing companies and our nearly 12 million people who make things in America - is our strongest force for sensible government policies that will reduce the cost of production and tear down barriers to growth.

The U.S. economy is struggling to recover from one of the most severe recessions since the Great Depression, and significant risk factors lie ahead. Manufacturing is our nation's primary engine of economic vitality. A strong economy depends on strong manufacturing. When you join the NAM you help us work for policies that will make us more competitive in the global marketplace - lower taxes, sound energy policy, regulatory and legal reform, workforce development, support for research and development and investment in infrastructure.

The NAM's world-class staff of manufacturing policy issue experts provides unmatched access to and information on the key issues affecting your business and your bottom-line. We are on the front lines of a wide range of policy battles, from health care reform and labor relations to energy and the environment to trade policy and taxes. At every turn, we are working on your behalf to advance policies that will help your business thrive.

Additional benefits of membership include the NAM's other valuable, one-of-a-kind resources designed specifically for manufacturers. Our export promotion partnership with the U.S. Department of Commerce provides all the tools you need to expand into global markets and grow your business. The NAM's member involvement programs give you the opportunity to influence the policy debates that affect your bottom line. Our broad range of publications and online communications - from monthly newsletters to weekly email updates to our award-winning blog, Shopfloor - keep you informed about the state-of-play in Washington. And we offer a variety of NAM services - members-only discounts on the products and services you use every day.


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