Monday Economic Report

  • Monday Economic Report - December 18, 2017

    18 December 2017 | eNewsletter

    The latest NAM Manufacturers’ Outlook Survey reflected continued optimism in the sector, with the headline index rising to unprecedented heights. Indeed, 94.6 percent of respondents said they are positive about their own company’s outlook, the highest in the survey’s 20-year history.

  • Monday Economic Report - December 11, 2017

    11 December 2017 | eNewsletter

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that manufacturers added 31,000 workers in November, extending the gain of 23,000 in October. More importantly, the sector has added an average of 15,545 employees on net per month so far in 2017—quite a turnaround from the loss of 16,000 workers in 2016 as a whole.

  • Monday Economic Report - December 4, 2017

    04 December 2017 | eNewsletter

    Economic reports released last week continued to reflect health in the manufacturing sector. For instance, the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) reported that manufacturing activity expanded robustly in November, even as it pulled back for the second straight month from September’s reading, which was the fastest pace since May 2004.

  • Monday Economic Report - November 27, 2017

    27 November 2017 | eNewsletter

    New durable goods orders decreased 1.2 percent in October, ending two straight months of solid gains in August and September.

  • Monday Economic Report - November 20, 2017

    20 November 2017 | eNewsletter

    There were several reports out last week highlighting strength in the U.S. economy. Along those lines, manufacturing production expanded robustly in October, up 1.3 percent, its fastest monthly pace of growth since April.

  • Monday Economic Report - November 13, 2017

    13 November 2017 | eNewsletter

    The handful of reports out last week were consistent with a strengthened outlook, both for consumers and in the labor market.

  • Monday Economic Report - November 6, 2017

    06 November 2017 | eNewsletter

    According to new data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, manufacturing was one of the larger contributors to real GDP growth in the second quarter, adding 0.36 percentage points to top-line growth of 3.1 percent

  • Monday Economic Report - October 30, 2017

    30 October 2017 | eNewsletter

    The Bureau of Economic Analysis reported that the U.S. economy grew by an annualized 3.0 percent in the third quarter, extending the 3.1 percent gain in the second quarter.

  • Monday Economic Report - October 16, 2017

    16 October 2017 | eNewsletter

    Overall, the report was encouraging and a sign that consumers felt more upbeat in their views on the economy and in their expectations for spending in the months ahead

  • Monday Economic Report - October 10, 2017

    10 October 2017 | eNewsletter

    Despite the disappointing figures in September, the reduced hiring is likely a temporary phenomenon, with employment expectations continuing to be very strong overall.

  • Monday Economic Report - October 2, 2017

    02 October 2017 | eNewsletter

    In the latest NAM Manufacturers’ Outlook Survey, the historically high levels of optimism that manufacturers in the United States expressed during the first two quarters of 2017 continued unabated through the third quarter.

  • Monday Economic Report - September 25, 2017

    25 September 2017 | eNewsletter

    There will be a number of releases this week that focus on the current health of the manufacturing sector.

  • Monday Economic Report - September 18, 2017

    18 September 2017 | eNewsletter

    We are already starting to see the impacts from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma in the economic data. For our sector, manufacturing production fell 0.3 percent in August, and the Federal Reserve estimates reduced output by 0.75 percent in August

  • Monday Economic Report - September 11, 2017

    11 September 2017 | eNewsletter

    The manufacturing data continue to trend in the right direction, with the stronger global economy and a weaker dollar helping to buoy demand and production in the sector.

  • Monday Economic Report - September 5, 2017

    05 September 2017 | eNewsletter

    Manufacturers added 36,000 net new workers in August, its fastest monthly gain in five years and increasing for the third consecutive month.