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The NAM is the only association dedicated to serving manufacturers and their employees.

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The NAM is the voice for more than 12 million men and women who make things in America. For more than 120 years, our influential association has led the manufacturing community in striving for a pro-business, pro-growth economy. As the voice for manufacturers, we take on Washington’s toughest issues and demonstrate how a policy that impacts one sector affects all. The NAM forges and maintains relationships with Congress, the Administration, the media and the public—in Washington and beyond the Beltway—that enable our successful educational and advocacy efforts.

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Get to Know the NAM

  • Expert Focus
  • As the nation’s largest and most powerful industrial trade association, we are fiercely committed to achieving a policy agenda that grows and creates jobs for manufacturers of all sizes across all sectors. NAM policy and government relations experts have unmatched access to policymakers and unsurpassed knowledge of the issues. We are consistently recognized for being effective and influential by the advocacy community in Washington, but it’s the recognition of our members that matters most.

  • Respected Leadership
  • The NAM Board of Directors leads our manufacturing agenda. Our board members represent manufacturers of all sizes from all sectors of the industry. Together, they embrace policies that enable manufacturers to remain competitive in an increasingly global marketplace. Board members play an active role in the public policy arena by testifying before Congress and advising the Administration on issues as diverse as trade, technology and infrastructure. As a result, they bring visibility to the policy issues that make manufacturing strong.

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  • Frontline Access
  • Members of Congress have described our advocacy, resources and engagement as being more balanced, effective and credible than virtually any other source. We leverage that respect into results. That’s why policymakers work with us and our member companies. Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), the Senate Majority Leader in the 114th Congress, addressed our Manufacturing Summit. Our influential network of manufacturers of every size and sector, however, stands as our most effective tool in impacting important policy decisions. We build relationships between manufacturers and the policymakers who influence their success.

  • Advocacy in Action
  • We are deploying innovative, comprehensive and aggressive advocacy tools to advance manufacturers’ policy priorities. Our federal political action committee, the NAM-PAC, gives us an important new advocacy tool. In 2014, the NAM-PAC hosted 22 events that raised more than $350,000 for members of Congress from both sides of the aisle. We are positioned to drive an agenda that works for manufacturers—a role that will be even more important as we move into the 2016 and 2018 election cycles.

  • Specialized Advocacy
  • Our policy experts build lasting relationships with policymakers based on credibility, not partisanship.
    • The NAM’s policy experts are never far removed from the members they serve, communicating their in-depth understanding of the issues that matter most to manufacturers with policymakers at every level.
    • Our advocacy efforts are consistently recognized among Washington’s top lobbying victories and our policy experts among Washington’s top lobbyists, reinforcing the depth of manufacturers’ reach.  
    • Legislation does not have to be moving for us to make an impact at the federal agency level, where we shape regulations in the best interest of manufacturers and halt regulations that may be harmful to manufacturers.
    • A highly regarded chief economist on staff provides unmatched economic analysis specific to the manufacturing economy to member companies, policymakers and the media.

  • Issue Advocacy
  • Issue advocacy campaigns have become the centerpiece of our efforts in Washington.
    • The NAM launches powerful campaigns to advance the issues that matter to manufacturers. These campaigns include lobbying, litigation, economic research, grassroots engagement, partnerships with others in the business community and strategic media engagement to secure favorable outcomes for manufacturers.  
    • Partnering with nontraditional allies on issues where our interests overlap, as with the National Council of La Raza and the Service Employees International Union in support of a comprehensive solution to our nation’s immigration challenges and with the Laborers’ International Union of North America to approve the Keystone XL pipeline, increases the strength of manufacturers’ voice.  
    • At any given time, we are driving more than a dozen individual campaign efforts—pressing for regulatory reform, promoting fair trade with India, protecting intellectual property rights, educating the public on National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) overreach, advancing a long-term reauthorization of the U.S. Export-Import (Ex-Im) Bank and pushing back against Environmental Protection Agency overregulation, just to name a few.  
    • Engaging the manufacturing army is critical to our successful issue advocacy. The NAM Election Center serves as a one-stop shop for our members to get out the vote, find their legislators and advance the manufacturing agenda.  

  • Manufacturers’ Center for Legal Action
  • When legislative solutions fail, our legal team takes up the fight in the courts.
    • The NAM launched the Manufacturers’ Center for Legal Action to bypass congressional gridlock and confront aggressive regulatory overreach with even greater force in the courts.  
    • The Center engages in areas where manufacturers are getting hit the hardest: environment and energy, labor and employment, product and civil liability, intellectual property, international trade, corporate governance and shareholder activism.  
    • Our decisive legal victory against the NLRB’s interference in the workplace is just the start—we also won our case against burdensome greenhouse gas regulations in the Supreme Court, and we provide amicus support in dozens of cases that impact manufacturers.  

  • Grassroots Support
  • Our grassroots program brings the power of the manufacturing army to Washington.
    • The NAM connects manufacturers with policymakers in real time through our Key Contact program, which allows us to tap into a network of existing relationships and utilize them on top manufacturing issues.  
    • Our partnerships are responsible for multiplying forces: the NAM’s Council of Manufacturing Associations brings together nearly 260 industry affiliates, mobilizing an additional 120,000 companies for the manufacturing army, and the NAM’s State Associations Group partners with independent state manufacturers’ associations in 49 states and Puerto Rico, advancing policies that will enhance business growth and job creation.  
    • NAM plant tours, congressional dialogues and legislative award events bring elected officials to the shop floor, where lawmakers hear directly from manufacturers and their employees about the legislative and regulatory issues that impact their ability to compete and grow.  
    • The NAM’s National Public Affairs Steering Committee, a group of 150 leading corporate public affairs and government relations executives from our largest member companies, bolsters our grassroots efforts and offers insight on our public policy positions and guidance on our lobbying strategy.  

  • Communications and Media
  • National media recognize us as the most credible and influential voice on manufacturing.
    • Relationships with top-tier print, television and radio reporters and bloggers, as well as a nationwide network of manufacturers willing to provide personal testimonials, allow us to shape stories that influence the national dialogue about manufacturing.  
    • We are expanding our reach by embracing new and emerging technologies—social media, digital ads, videos and more—that allow us to connect with new audiences. With a 126 percent increase in Twitter followers and a 70 percent increase in Facebook followers in 2014, the manufacturing message resounds more strongly than ever before.
    • Publications such as Member Focus—the NAM’s digital monthly magazine—and the NAM’s weekly Capital Briefing cut through political noise and provide critical information to our members about what’s ahead. The NAM’s Shopfloor blog is the go-to resource for commentary on issues impacting manufacturers and advances manufacturing priorities through in-depth series on trade, infrastructure, taxes, technology, energy and more.

  • Leadership Opportunities
    • All members play an integral role in determining the NAM’s legislative policy agenda by joining our committees and task forces on key issues ranging from energy and tax policy to international economic affairs. Policy committees address issues and recommend policy to the Board of Directors.

      The NAM Executive Committee and Board of Directors comprise more than 200 leading manufacturing executives. They come from small, medium-sized and large companies across the United States and from every industrial sector.

  • Attend an Event
  • NAM members participate in a wide range of activities intended to build strong relationships with their legislative representatives and the Administration.

    Manufacturing Summit—Join hundreds of manufacturers in Washington, D.C., to visit with lawmakers and communicate manufacturing’s vital role in innovation, prosperity and job creation.

    Public Affairs Conference—Share your ideas on grassroots involvement, best practices and public policy initiatives in public affairs.

    Washington Briefings—Hear from key leaders in the Administration and Congress as well as congressional staff leadership about the political landscape and opportunities and challenges ahead.

    Congressional Dialogues—Host or join a discussion with federal policymakers and fellow local manufacturing leaders and employees about the issues that directly impact manufacturers’ ability to succeed.

    Legislative Excellence Awards—Celebrate congressional champions for manufacturing who receive the NAM Award for Manufacturing Legislative Excellence at special events in their home districts.

    Manufacturing Executive Leadership Program—Get an insider’s training from the NAM and the Center for Creative Leadership on how Washington works and tools to advance your legislative agenda.

  • Manufacturing in Action
  • The NAM works with member companies to actively promote manufacturing in the local community through outreach to lawmakers, the media and the general public.
    • Host a Plant Tour
    • Engage Your Members of Congress
    • Download the NAM’s Advocacy App to Take Action
    • Co-author an Opinion/Editorial Piece
    • Visit the Manufacturing Works Website
    • Send a Letter to the Editor
    • Talk to the Press About Manufacturing

  • Stay Informed
  • Through e-newsletters and e-mail updates, as well as traditional forms of communication, our members get the latest news on critical issues.

Last year was one of manufacturers’ most successful years in legislative history. Over and over, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) brought our leaders together to deliver on many of our members’ highest priorities and goals.

In Congress, in the courts and inside the administration, we made sure manufacturers’ voices were heard. And here at the NAM, we continued to move forward toward our 2020 Vision, as we become an association of the future.

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