EPA’s Permit Suspension for Disposal of Mining Waste Creates Widespread Uncertainty

Will Stifle Investment and Job Creation across All Sectors of U.S. Economy

National Association of Manufacturers Executive Vice President and incoming President Jay Timmons issued the following comment today about the EPA’s action to halt a Section 404 permit issued under the Clean Water Act for disposal of mining waste from Mingo Logan’s Spruce No. 1 surface mine in West Virginia:

“Today’s action by the EPA to suspend a properly issued, valid permit is alarming and will have a chilling impact on manufacturing and job creation. This decision will create uncertainty for all Section 404 permit holders as well as those who are seeking a permit. The EPA’s retroactive action will have a far-reaching and negative impact on job growth and investment throughout the entire U.S. economy, including manufacturing, agriculture, home building, mining, transportation and energy sectors. 

The NAM encourages Congress to use its oversight authority to review this onerous decision and take the necessary actions to curtail its implementation."