Comprehensive Immigration Reform Offers Pathway to Economic Growth

NAM Calls on Senate to Pass Comprehensive Reform for Our Nation’s Competitiveness

National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) President and CEO Jay Timmons issued this statement in support of passage of the Border Security, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act (S. 744), the comprehensive immigration reform bill currently before the Senate:

“Fixing our broken immigration system is a priority for manufacturers—and it must be a priority for Congress if the United States wishes to continue as a world leader. We strongly support this bill because it will deliver the necessary workforce to grow our economy, and it is fundamentally the right thing to do. The creation of a STEM fund to improve the domestic education pipeline will develop the next generation of homegrown innovators.

Comprehensive reform is vital for our nation’s future. It’s time we realize our economic growth potential and embrace the principles that spurred the United States to greatness. The Senate must take this opportunity to enact positive change that will further America’s competitiveness and reinforce our mantle of global leadership.”

To view the NAM’s Key Vote letter, please click here.

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