Manufacturers’ Fight Against Frivolous Lawsuits Reaches Supreme Court

National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) Senior Vice President and General Counsel Linda Kelly issued this statement following the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to grant review in Halliburton Co. v. Erica P. John Fund, Inc. The Manufacturers’ Center for Legal Action recently joined other business groups in calling for the Supreme Court to hear the case:

“Manufacturers are pleased with the Supreme Court’s decision to review legal precedent that has led to a proliferation of securities class action lawsuits over the last 25 years. These lawsuits not only siphon productive capital out of the economy, they inflict significant cost burdens on manufacturers, while impairing their ability to grow and create jobs. We look forward to the Court’s review of this crucial issue.”

The Manufacturers’ Center for Legal Action serves as the leading voice of manufacturers in the courts, representing the 12 million men and women who make things in the United States. The Center strategically engages in litigation as a direct party, intervenes in litigation important to our manufacturers and weighs in as amicus curiae on important cases. To read more about the Manufacturers’ Center for Legal Action, click here.