Manufacturers Stunned by Meritless Delay of Keystone XL Pipeline

Administration’s Decision Puts Job Creation on the Back Burner

National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) President and CEO Jay Timmons issued this statement following the White House’s decision to delay the Keystone XL pipeline yet again:

“Manufacturers and workers are absolutely astounded by the latest delay on the Keystone XL pipeline that the Obama Administration announced today.

This delay—like those previously—is unwarranted and unnecessary. There was nothing left to study since the last review ordered by the Obama Administration, but even that one is complete and supports approval. Today's announcement shows that Keystone XL is being judged not on its merits but in terms of scoring political points in an election year. That is a truly disturbing signal for manufacturers looking to create jobs here in the United States.

In the time it has taken Keystone XL to simply acquire a permit, we could have built both the Golden Gate Bridge and the Empire State Building. Enough is enough. Manufacturers are united in calling on the President to end this nonsense and approve the Keystone XL pipeline immediately.

It matters to our energy security. It matters to our national security. It matters to manufacturers. And it matters to the tens of thousands of Americans who will have jobs when it is approved.”

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