Manufacturers Call on Congress to End Tax Hike by Passing Overdue MTB Legislation

Washington, D.C., November 19, 2014 – Manufacturers hosted a press conference call today to discuss the urgent need for lawmakers to pass a long-delayed bipartisan jobs bill—the Miscellaneous Tariff Bill (MTB). The MTB is critical legislation that would support job creation, spur economic growth and enhance manufacturers’ global competitiveness by eliminating or reducing import duties on hundreds of raw materials and intermediate products that are not available in the United States. During the call, manufacturers also highlighted the economic harm that has been done due to Congress’s failure to renew the MTB, which expired 687 days ago.

On the press call with reporters, Leib Oehmig, president and chief operating officer for Glen Raven, Inc., in Burlington, N.C., highlighted the importance of passing this critical legislation to his company and other manufacturers throughout the United States. “Glen Raven is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of performance fabrics used in the furniture, automotive, safety, marine and sunshade industries and employs 1,700 associates in the United States. Since the raw materials required to manufacture many of these fabrics are not available in the United States, Glen Raven relies on the MTB to ensure these materials can be sourced competitively. The expiration of the MTB has resulted in a significant increase in our manufacturing costs, which makes companies like ours less competitive in the global marketplace. Glen Raven urges Congress to move quickly and resolve the impasse on the MTB as a means to spur much needed job creation and economic growth in the United States.”

Ron Eva, global sourcing and contracting manager for BASF Corporation, spoke on the importance of the MTB to job creation and global competitiveness. “The MTB is very important to manufacturers like BASF as well as other U.S. manufacturers, especially in light of the globally competitive market that we face today. This bill will help BASF Corporation maintain its position as a global, low-cost producer. I encourage and urge all members of Congress to act expeditiously to pass the MTB.”

National Association of Manufacturers Vice President of International Economic Affairs Linda Dempsey also emphasized the importance of the legislation to our nation’s job creators. “Manufacturers in the United States are making a comeback, creating new jobs and making more products than ever before. However, congressional inaction on MTB legislation is hurting our ability to compete globally and create jobs. Manufacturers need Congress to end the gridlock and act immediately to pass this bipartisan, job-creating legislation.”

Congress has failed to act on MTB legislation since 2012, and as a result, manufacturers have been paying substantially higher taxes on essential manufacturing inputs since January 1, 2013. To read testimonials about how manufacturers benefit from the MTB, click here. To learn more about the MTB, click here.


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