Manufacturers Hail Trade Provisions in Spending Bill

Lifting the Ban on Crude Oil Exports and COOL Repeal Essential to Manufacturing Growth

Washington, D.C., December 16, 2015 – National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) Vice President of International Economic Affairs Linda Dempsey released the following statement after Congress released details of its spending bill:

“At a time of global economic weakness and fierce competition, manufacturers have been calling for action to ensure a level playing field that enhances global opportunities—not policies that create barriers for our exports. Congressional leaders have listened and are moving to take two major actions to promote U.S. exports.

“By lifting the decades-old ban on crude oil exports, the United States is finally taking needed action to ensure manufacturers have access to the global marketplace. The ability of manufacturers to export and operate in a modern, global economy has benefited the American economy, workers and manufacturers for generations. The outdated U.S. ban on crude oil exports is at odds with America's export policy and trade agenda. Congress is finally ending the export ban and, thereby, advancing America’s ability to strengthen our economy through exports and greater success globally.

“Country-of-Origin Labelling (COOL) provisions, which have repeatedly been found inconsistent with global trade rules the United States has helped create, have put many U.S. manufactured goods exports at risk in our two largest foreign markets—Canada and Mexico—where our exports are already facing substantial headwinds. Repeal of these COOL provisions is the only solution remaining that will protect U.S. manufacturing jobs, and we are relieved that this spending deal includes this essential provision. Manufacturers need to see Congressional action quickly to prevent Canadian and Mexican retaliation from being imposed later this month.”

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