ICYMI: NAM, Wisconsin Manufacturing Leaders Urge Senator Johnson to Support Tax Reform

Washington, D.C. – Today, National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) President and CEO Jay Timmons held a media conference call with Wisconsin manufacturing leaders to draw attention to the importance for Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) to support the Senate’s tax reform legislation. Timmons was joined by Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (WMC) President and CEO Kurt Bauer and HUSCO International President and CEO Austin Ramirez. Below are excerpts from the call:

NAM’s Timmons on the Importance of Sen. Johnson Voting for Tax Reform to Manufacturing Workers:

“Tax reform is the manufacturing issue of our generation, and so I want to be very direct. There really is no better, no bigger, no bolder way to support manufacturing in Wisconsin and across the country than for senators to cast a vote for comprehensive tax reform. I have to say we’re very encouraged by Senator Johnson’s vote for the bill in committee on Tuesday. Manufacturers all over the country and certainly manufacturers in Wisconsin are standing up for tax reform. We’ve been hearing from our members all year, especially our small and medium-sized manufacturers, very loudly and clearly that tax reform is the right thing to do for manufacturing workers…A strong manufacturing sector is good for America and also for American workers. Tax reform has the power to transform our industry and to propel us into the future and lift us to new heights—that’s why it’s manufacturers’ number-one priority. Ron Johnson has been a true and consistent champion of manufacturing and manufacturing workers throughout his career in the Senate. We respect all he has done for this sector as a Senator, and we’re encouraging him to be there for us again on this critical vote for tax reform.” 

WMC’s Bauer on the Importance of Sen. Johnson Voting for Tax Reform to Manufacturing Workers:

“About 20 percent of Wisconsin’s GDP comes from manufacturing, which is why this is such an important issue for us. Global competitiveness is absolutely critical for manufacturers in Wisconsin to compete against other nations...The industrialized nations of the world seem to understand that the tax rate means global competitiveness—that’s why China is at 25 percent, and the U.K. is at 20 percent, and the United States is definitely an outlier at 35 percent. It’s something that we have to reform if we want to see GDP growth nationwide and be globally competitive. We have an opportunity here in Wisconsin and nationwide to see a surge in manufacturing growth. We’ve got the productivity, we’ve got the innovation, we’ve got the great workers, we’ve got the great companies, but what we need is a competitive business climate, and tax reform is the best way to get us there.”

HUSCO International’s Ramirez on the Importance of Sen. Johnson Voting for Tax Reform to Manufacturing Workers:

“The manufacturing community in Milwaukee and Wisconsin has been waiting a long time for this opportunity to make our tax code more competitive. While the details associated with this legislation are complex, we can’t waste this opportunity that we have to make our tax system more competitive…The single most important thing that we need to see out of tax reform is permanent, more competitive tax rates. I compete against competitors in Asia and Europe that are operating in a different paradigm with lower tax rates, and ultimately, the high rates in the U.S. make us less competitive. If we get tax reform right, it will lead to more growth for HUSCO, more investment for us here at home and around the world, more employment, higher wages—all the good things that the American worker and the American economy is looking for.”

For the full audio from today’s press call, please click here.


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