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The Manufacturers’ Center for Legal Action will position the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) as the leading voice of manufacturers in the courts. For decades, the NAM has successfully litigated on behalf of the 12 million men and women who make things in the United States. The Center represents the culmination of a proactive legal strategy that advances our policy objectives and safeguards our rights and the rights of our members to advocate for the interests that make manufacturing strong.

The Center’s expanded legal team will work to rein in regulatory overreach, protect our hard-fought legislative gains and ensure a level playing field for manufacturers. The team will engage in party litigation, provide amicus support in key cases and promote education about the legal issues that impact the vitality of the manufacturing sector. Our ability to grow, innovate and create jobs is at stake. 

The Center engages in these areas:

What You Need to Know


  • Lead the NAM’s involvement in litigation  
  • Position the NAM as a leader on issues critical to our membership


  • Develop targeted, plain-English communications that keep our members informed  
  • Host regular conference calls and webinars for the in-house counsel community  
  • Educate the public and press through briefings, articles, blogs, media appearances and more


  • Build a members-only resource library of background memos and resources  
  • Create networking and information-sharing opportunities for in-house counsel

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