Council of Manufacturing Associations

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The Council of Manufacturing Associations (CMA) is made up of over 250 manufacturing trade associations that work together on behalf of manufacturing in the United States. Through their membership, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) provides knowledge, resources and a great network to help these association CEOs create a stronger and more prosperous manufacturing sector. The CMA represents every part of manufacturing in the United States and broadens the reach and impact of our industry's advocacy efforts.

The NAM's CMA also hosts two leadership conferences a year. These conferences attract many leading manufacturing trade associations CEOs for an opportunity to learn, share and exchange ideas on how to be more effective as association leaders""not only running in their associations, but also in the political arena. The agendas are put together by their fellow CEOs who serve as directors on the CMA Board and typically have a mix of 60 percent policy and 40 percent association management. The group places a high value on the community of manufacturing association executives

Top reasons associations join the CMA:

  • The network
  • Access to the NAM's policy experts in trade, tax, energy, regulatory, infrastructure and human resources policy
  • Speakers
  • To better leverage their resources
  • Knowledge


CMA 2015 Summer Leadership Conference

August 5-7, 2015
The Broadmoor
Colorado Springs, CO

CMA 2016 Winter Leadership Conference

January 13-15, 2016
The Salamander Resort & Spa
Middleburg, VA