• Leading Edge is an exclusive thought leadership program. This year-long series of events brings executives from companies of all sizes together with leading business luminaries to focus on emerging business issues and trends that are impacting manufacturing today. Hear from thought leaders and subject matter experts as they deliver the latest perspectives on mission-critical topics including: Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Cybersecurity, Resource Efficiency & Sustainability, and Supply Chain Performance. Be part of a discussion that could deliver transformative insights and solutions for your business and stay on the leading edge.

  • Programming in 2017 will include day-long symposiums on each topic, quarterly webinars, and original thought leadership reports and case studies from respected leaders in each field.

    Internet of Things

    • The NAM’s IoT content track highlights how connected products are transforming competition and companies, showcases smart manufacturing best practices, demonstrates implemented solutions as they work on the factory floor today, and covers the impacts of IoT across the complete product lifecycle - from design through product service.



    • What if we looked at sustainability as not only “minimizing impact,” but as a means to optimizing results? What is we stopped treating sustainability as a reactive risk management strategy, and instead made it the foundation of proactive strategies that enable business growth? The NAM’s programming on highlights how sustainability can be a driver for next-generation products, more efficient operations, increased profitability – and capturing the hearts and minds of employees..


    Supply Chain

    • As leaders of manufacturing companies who manage integrated supply chains, you know what it takes to maximize performance—but how comfortable are you with the inherent complexity? The NAM’s programming content is centered around driving success through an improved supply chain strategy and innovative approach to supplier relationships.


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  • Events

    Webinar: The Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

    Executive Forum: Supply Chain Innovation

    Use the Numbers: Data Analytics and BI as a Framework for Supply Chain Innovation

    • March 22, 2017 at 1pm ET
    • Click Here to view recording

     Start Small, Scale Fast: A Phased Approach to Industrial IoT Success

    • March 9, 2017 at 10AM ET
    • Click Here to view recording

    Service Transformation at GE: Driving efficiencies with IoT and Connected Field Service

    • December 14, 2016
    • ServiceMax
    • Click Here to view recording

    Executive Forum: Sustainability as a Value Creator and Growth Generator

    • October 13 in Chicago, IL
    • Click Here to view recording

    Webinar: Top IoT use Cases in the Manufacturing Industry

    Executive Forum: The Industrial Internet of Things

    • September 14 in Detroit, MI
    • Click Here to view recording
    • PTC, GE and ServiceMax