In addition to its headquarters in Washington, D.C., the National Association of ManufacturersNAM maintains regional offices throughout the United States. These offices are led by experts who provide insights and counsel on the most pressing policy issues and challenges facing manufacturers in their operational spheres.

Steeped in both political and business experience, our regional experts bring the NAM mission and its services to you, our valued members. They live and work where your business operates, are well-informed regarding national policy and are in tune with the local events that shape manufacturers' ability to compete and grow.

The NAM's regional experts have a passion for manufacturing. They partner with you to identify your priority policy interests and help you understand how federal legislation and regulation impacts your ability to operate locally and compete globally. They also work to facilitate informative meetings and forge beneficial relationships between NAM members, Members of Congress and key stakeholders in the nation's Capital.

By managing the flow of critical policy information and connecting manufacturing voices across the country, the NAM's regional experts ensure that you are heard loud and clear in Washington. Get involved today by reaching out to our local NAM experts and help manufacturing in America maintain and grow its global leadership.

Phone: (720) 515-5770
E-mail: sf@nam.org
San Francisco, CA
New Jersey
Phone: (973) 299-6400
E-mail: newjersey@nam.org
Parsippany, NJ
Phone: (224) 655-2663
E-mail: chicago@nam.org
Chicago, IL
North Carolina
Phone: (816) 832-6975
E-mail: charlotte@nam.org
Charlotte, NC
Phone: (586) 323-9001
E-mail: detroit@nam.org
Detroit, MI
Phone: (724) 773-0225
E-mail: freedom@nam.org
Freedom, PA
Phone: (651) 917-2131
E-mail: stpaul@nam.org
St. Paul, MN
Phone: (832) 437-0792
E-mail: houston@nam.org
Houston, TX
New England
Phone: (603) 568-5537
E-mail: newengland@nam.org
Bedford, NH

Contact Our Staff

Jeannine Tini Pierce
Vice President, Board Initiatives
E-mail: jtini@nam.org
Adria Funkhouser Brockman
Senior Director, Member and Board Relations
E-mail: abrockman@nam.org
Alyssa Shooshan
Vice President, Member and Board Relations
E-mail: ashooshan@nam.org
Bill Gill
Senior Director, Member and Board Relations -- Ohio and Wisconsin
E-mail: bgill@nam.org
Jerry Hodge
Senior Director, Member and Board Relations -- Mid-Atlantic
E-mail: jhodge@nam.org  
Felicia C Jaeger
Senior Director, Member and Board Relations -- Illinois
E-mail: fjaeger@nam.org
Erica Shoe
Director, Member and Board Relations
E-mail: eshoe@nam.org
Brittany Seabury
Senior Director, Member and Board Relations
E-mail: bseabury@nam.org