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Sandy Trowbridge PhotoThe NAM Sandy Trowbridge Award for Excellence in Community Service each year recognizes an NAM-member company that has shown exemplary leadership in serving its community or state, and is an example of the giving spirit of our nation’s manufacturers and businesses.

The award, a cash donation to the charity of the winner’s choosing, honors former NAM President Sandy Trowbridge for his contributions to American manufacturing and his distinguished career in public service.

Applications for the 2016 award will be distributed in April 2016. To be eligible for the award, a company must be an active member of the NAM and have 1,000 or fewer employees. The winning applicant will have a demonstrated commitment to community service, reflected by company policy, resources and employee participation as well as by a strong relationship with the NAM. The deadline for applications is June 3, 2016.

Please direct questions regarding the application process, eligibility, or award criteria to

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Do you sponsor any community/humanitarian programs? If yes, please describe them. 

Has your company participated in other extraordinary community/humanitarian efforts that warrant consideration, e.g., providing shelter in company facilities after a disaster, etc.? 

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