2014 August Recess Action Center

Take Action During the Recess

Contact your members of Congress and set up a meeting!
Ask your elected officials for a meeting in their district office so that you can discuss the legislative priorities with them face to face.

Invite your Representatives and Senators to your manufacturing facility.
Show them what your operation entails, what your company makes and how your employees produce on a daily basis. Plant tours are a great way for lawmakers to meet you and your employees, hear manufacturing success stories and see first-hand how their votes impact your business. If you are willing to host a plant tour, check out our online plant tour guide .

Start to Plan Your Get Out the Vote (GOTV) Program.
Election Day is November 4, and manufacturers must be well-informed and present at the polls. The NAM has launched an Election Center with a number of resources available for our members to use in their plants. Our GOTV materials underscore the importance of the manufacturing vote and let your elected officials know that your employees are educated and well informed voters who have your support to participate in the political process.


Members of the U.S. House and Senate will return home to their districts/states for a month-long recess period from August 4 through September 8. This is a perfect opportunity to contact your legislators to discuss critical issues of importance to the manufacturing community.

During this August recess, the NAM is asking all of our members to focus their outreach efforts on these areas:

Embrace Responsible and Reasonable Regulations

Manufacturers are committed to protecting the environment through greater sustainability, increased energy efficiency and conservation and reducing emissions. Over the past three decades, the manufacturing sector has greatly reduced its environmental footprint while improving our productivity. However, these advances have not been without cost. With some of the largest, most expensive new regulations in history on the immediate horizon, manufacturers need a balanced approach to environmental policies, not overly restrictive regulations that unnecessarily slow growth, increase costs and hurt competitiveness.

Reauthorization of the Export-Import (Ex-Im) Bank

The Ex-Im Bank provides export financing, loan guarantees and other services that enable thousands of manufacturers to support jobs and sell their made-in-the-USA products to purchasers around the world. Failure to reauthorize the Ex-Im Bank before its September 30 expiration threatens manufacturing competitiveness in a tough global economy where overseas competitors are often backed by their own highly aggressive government trade finance program

Protecting and Expanding our Nation's Infrastructure

Manufacturers need competitive infrastructure to thrive in today's global economy. Unfortunately, the nation's infrastructure is out of date and resting on a legacy built by previous generations. While manufacturers appreciate the recent two-year authorization of the Water Resources Reform and Development Act of 2014 and the temporary extension of federal highway and transit programs, Congress must continue to advance critical transportation legislation. To compete in the 21st-century economy, we have to invest and modernize our infrastructure with an eye toward economic growth, jobs and increased competitiveness.

Participate in "Get Out The Vote" (GOTV) Activities

The NAM has resources available for employers to encourage their employees to participate in the critical 2014 elections. We are encouraging NAM members to take advantage of these resources and begin implementing them in advance of November 4, 2014.


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