Best Places to Work 2018

The NAM's Council of Manufacturing Associations has announced 10 trade associations as the "Best Manufacturing Associations to Work For" in 2018. This new initiative is dedicated to finding and recognizing the best manufacturing associations to work for. In order to be named to the list, organizations must be a manufacturing trade association representing manufacturers in the U.S. and have a minimum of 15 employees. It is an excellent tool to recruit and retain the best staff talent.

American Bakers Association
CEO: Robb MacKie
# of Employees: 16
Location: Washington, DC

Everything we do at ABA is to grow and enhance the baking industry through public policy advocacy, education and networking opportunities.
American Coatings Association
CEO: Andy Doyle
# of Employees: 59
Location: Washington, DC

ACA has built its winning culture with intentionality and the long-term goal of creating a stellar environment for staff to excel and support our member base. Beyond our world-class medical benefits, maternity leave plans, excellent facilities and generous time off, our work environment is a space where staff can feel supported and connected. ACA is proud of its diversity and flexible work setting and strives to achieve a “gold standard” in its work environment.
The Aluminum Association, Inc.
CEO: Heidi Brock
# of Employees: 16
Location: Arlington, VA

The Aluminum Association is where passion meets purpose. Innovative and dynamic, reflecting the values of their members, the $8 million outcome-based organization continuously strives to expand markets and achieve policy outcomes for the growing aluminum industry. Transparency, unity and communications drive their work. And they have fun doing it, too.
Fabricators and Manufacturers Association, International
CEO: Ed Youdell
# of Employees: 72
Location: Elgin, IL

Established in 1970, FMA is dedicated to advocating for the growth and sustainability of the North American metal processing, forming, and fabricating industries. Today more than 70 employees of diverse skills and talents work together to achieve this mission through delivering industry leading educational programs, high value membership services, best-in-class trade journals, and the industry's most recognized trade show, FABTECH®. FMA is proud to be considered among the best places to work in the association industry.
The Fertilizer Institute
CEO: Chris Jahn
# of Employees: 21
Location: Washington, DC

The Fertilizer Institute (TFI) represents our nation’s fertilizer producers, wholesalers and retailers. Experts say that the fertilizer industry is responsible for one-half of the world’s food supply, and TFI’s employees are proud to represent an industry that makes such a significant contribution to people around the world. Their passion for TFI’s mission is what drives them, makes them believe their work is important, and keeps them excited about coming to work every day.
Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries
CEO: Robin Weiner
# of Employees: 44
Location: Washington, DC

ISRI is a small organization with 44 staff, but it operates like an association of 300. We service over 1,300 companies operating in nearly 4,000 locations in the United States and 34 countries worldwide. We pride ourselves on being The Voice of the Recycling Industry™, and everything about us promotes that message. We are surrounded by recycled materials in one form or another, from the recycled rubber in our floor tiles to recycled milk cartons/juice packs in the wallboard in our employee lounge. Supporting such a dynamic industry requires an equally dynamic leader, and ISRI President Robin Wiener is such a leader. She has served as ISRI’s chief executive for 21 years of her 29-year tenure here. ISRI staff want to be here and are committed to both the association and its members. Culturally, we are a close-knit group--like a family. We work hard, but we also play hard. Our corporate values--safety/wellness, customer service, respect, professionalism, continuous Improvement, and teamwork--are lived every day and practiced from the top down. We are proud to have been recognized as one of the top 10 manufacturing associations to work for.
International Sign Association
CEO: Lori Anderson
# of Employees: 23
Location: Alexandria, VA

ISA’s empowering culture permeates all aspects of the association, which is what drove ISA to the top of CMA’s Best Places to Work 2018.

Staff are guided by a culture code actively promoting staff to be their unique self. ISA recognizes everyone was hired for a reason and it allows ownership, recognition & contribution to the organization’s overall success. Staff love that above all the culture allows risk taking because growth happens outside the status quo and it allows for “frequent integration of fun, quirkiness and wackiness that resonates from the top down.”
Irrigation Association
CEO: Deborah Hamlin
# of Employees: 24
Location: Fairfax, VA

Our staff are our biggest assets, so we make it a priority to provide them with the environment and resources to get their job done to the best of their abilities. Our core values incorporate hard work and fun. And our organization’s mission – promoting efficient irrigation – drives everyone and everything we do. Our members put food on tables around the globe and provide spaces for kids to play. Because of this, we work together to advance the organization and society – taking pride in every success that comes our way. Our staff believe in our mission and believe in what our association is out to achieve.
The Plastics Industry Association
CEO: Bill Carteaux
# of Employees: 48
Location: Washington, DC

The Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) recognizes that employees are at the heart of our business. Our employees find purpose and a sense of fulfillment in working to represent the plastics industry and the 965,000 people who are employed by the plastics supply chain.

Our employees have identified several reasons they nominated PLASTICS for the Best Places to Work Award. One factor is the inclusive culture that encourages collaboration and employee involvement in key decision-making. Employees are encouraged to learn more about the industry, to propose ideas and solutions and to grow professionally.

PLASTICS embraces a leading position on employee benefits. We work hard, we play hard and we value a strong work-life balance. In fact, employees are empowered to take personal time off at their own discretion. Healthcare program coverage begins the first day of employment and employees have access to a myriad of wellness programs including a state-of-the-art fitness center. The association contributes to employee 401K plans and offers free educational learning and development. Our staff have the benefit of 14 paid holidays, flexible work schedules, and time off provided for voting and volunteer activities."
PMMI — The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies
CEO: James Pittas
# of Employees: 115
Location: Reston, VA

PMMI, has been named one of the best manufacturing associations to work for 2018. This Reston, Virginia-based professional/trade show association (that connects the makers of goods with packaging and processing suppliers) boasts a comprehensive benefits package that includes ample PTO, 100 percent employer-paid healthcare, generous savings programs, flexible work schedules and more.

They provide employees with learning and development opportunities, as well as wellness initiatives such as standing desks, walking/treadmill desks and free gym access. Everyone on the PMMI team stands by the company’s cultural core values – commitment to service, pursuit of excellence, camaraderie, dependability, initiative.