Membership FAQs

I have a close relationship already with my state and federal legislators. How are NAM’s advocacy efforts of any benefit?

  • Through CMA, you are adding your voice to other manufacturers and manufacturing associations to help the manufacturing sector grow as a whole.
  • You can help shape legislation or regulatory reform for all manufacturers.
  • At the federal level, the NAM has the collective strength to get your message straight to the halls of Congress.
  • You would also be invited to the annual NAM manufacturing summit, which is a great opportunity to join with fellow manufacturers and meet legislators to talk about issues important to manufacturing.
  • You can receive NAM’s action alerts so you can mobilize your members on developing matters. (these are alerts to ask your members to act)

I heard that CMA publishes a compensation survey each year. What can you tell me about that?

  • It’s a very useful tool that allows you to benchmark compensation and benefits against other manufacturing trade associations. It’s a great tool for CEOs when negotiating their own executive contracts.
  • The survey breaks out and cites average base salaries and other compensation categories paid to top association executive staff.

I’ve heard that I can use NAM’s Washington, D.C., offices for meeting space needs. Is that true?

  • As a CMA member, you can use the NAM office space for any of your meeting space needs.
  • The office is just blocks away from Capitol Hill.

What are some of the publications I would receive as a CMA member?

  • These come straight to your email inbox.
  • They include the Monday Economic Report and Global Manufacturing Economic Update, NAM’s monthly Member Focus newsletter, or Capital Briefing, which is a weekly briefing on what’s going on in Washington

How much is membership?

  • Fees are based on your association’s annual revenue. For a breakdown, see the membership link at

How do I join?

If I join the NAM, are my member companies automatically a member of the NAM, and are the benefits transferable to my member companies?

  • No are not transferable. Your member companies would need to contact the NAM membership department. Visit and click the “Join” button to fill out a form and get more information.


  • 2019 Summer Leadership Conference

    August 7-9, 2019

    Belmond Charleston Place, Charleston, SC

  • CMA Women's CEO Networking Breakfast

    December 6, 2019

    Washington, DC