Manufacturers: New Export Control Framework a Welcome Step Forward

Additional Changes Are Necessary to Enhance Competitiveness

National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) Vice President of International Economic Affairs Frank Vargo released this statement today following White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley’s announcement on additional changes to the export control system:

“Manufacturers are pleased that the Administration is taking this important step in reforming the export control system and taking our recommendations into account. The new framework outlined today for reviewing controls on items that are less significant to our military advantage is critical in implementing the President's export control reform initiative. We recognize the leadership, and interagency cooperation that was necessary to reach this point. 

We look for this key step to be followed by continued high-level engagement from the White House and the agencies active on export controls as the process of transferring items from the U.S. Munitions List to the Commerce Control List begins. Manufacturers urge a continued shift away from the transaction-by-transaction licensing system that is both costly and time-consuming and dampens our ability to export.
Manufacturers have been calling for sweeping changes that will enhance our national security and contribute to the goal of doubling exports in five years. We look forward to working with the Administration and Congress to swiftly implement additional changes that will enhance interoperability with our allies, boost economic growth and help create manufacturing jobs.”

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