Manufacturers’ Efforts to Bring More Vets into the Workforce Endorsed by the White House

Programs Would Provide Certifications for Highly Skilled Service Members

National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) President and CEO Jay Timmons and Manufacturing Institute President Jennifer McNelly issued the following statements after the White House announced its support of partnerships to certify military veterans with NAM-endorsed manufacturing certifications. These partnerships will reinforce the goal of awarding 500,000 nationally portable, industry-recognized credentials for highly skilled manufacturing jobs.

Timmons said, “These brave men and women have the valuable knowledge that manufacturers need to help close the skills gap that has left 600,000 jobs unfilled across the United States. The NAM and the Institute continue to lead the way in certifying the skills of our military veterans. We appreciate the Administration’s continued support for our efforts to enable high skilled individuals to enter the manufacturing workforce. Our service members will be important additions to a workforce that has made the United States the world’s leader in manufacturing.”

“The NAM and the Institute have been working side-by-side with manufacturers, education providers and world-class certification bodies to create quality education programs for in-demand manufacturing skills. A year ago, the White House endorsed our goal of issuing 500,000 industry-based certifications in five years and positioning individuals for employment and advancement in manufacturing jobs. We are proud to be working with the Armed Forces to bring these education and training opportunities to a skilled and deserving talent pool,” McNelly added.

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