2017 Fourth Quarter Manufacturers' Outlook Survey

Manufacturers’ optimism has risen to an unprecedented high of 94.6 in the fourth quarter of 2017. The majority of respondents surveyed said tax reform would help their businesses, while failure to act would have serious ramifications, bolstering the NAM's message that the time to act on tax reform is now. Read more about the survey on CNBC.

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Fourth Quarter Brings a New Record High

“It is the direct result of manufacturers witnessing a sea change in policymaking in Washington, D.C., empowering them to hire more, invest more and build more—all in America. ”

Record-Setting Optimism is Not a Coincidence

“Four quarters of record-setting optimism don’t happen by accident. These incredible numbers demonstrate the absolute urgency of getting tax reform signed into law because manufacturers are saying loudly and clearly that more jobs, better pay and manufacturing growth are on the horizon. ”

A Vote Against Tax Reform is a Vote Against Manufacturing

“An overwhelming two-thirds of manufacturers would consider a vote against tax reform as a vote against their businesses.”

Failure Will Cost Manufacturers Opportunity

“Nearly 60 percent of respondents saying they will lose opportunities to grow their businesses and more than 20 percent saying they will be unable to expand their facilities and hire new workers.”

The NAM Manufacturers’ Outlook Survey is conducted quarterly among the National Association of Manufacturers’ membership of small, medium and large manufacturers. Contact us today to learn more about NAM membership.

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