Manufacturers Call On Pruitt to Lead the EPA

Manufacturers have been confronted with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations whose costs greatly exceeded their benefits, a government agency picking winners and losers on energy sources and a decimation of power plants in the Rust Belt and across the southern United States.

The actions from the EPA have forced manufacturers to divert capital and investments to environmental compliance costs at the expense of job creation, innovation and developing new products.

Environmental regulations make up the dominant share of manufacturers’ regulatory burden. The average manufacturer spends $10,497 per employee per year to comply with environmental regulations, five and a half times the amount spent on environmental regulations by the average business. Manufacturers with fewer than 50 employees must spend $20,361 per employee per year on environmental regulations.

Manufacturers are looking for an EPA that is balanced and transparent in its actions and weighs both costs and benefits. There’s an opportunity for change, and manufacturers stand ready to lead.

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Manufacturers Hopeful Pruitt Will Bring Balanced Environmental Approach

We are confident AG Pruitt will bring balance to the EPA regulatory agenda. Manufacturers have stood side-by-side with AG Pruitt as we challenged the EPA’s Clean Power Plan, Waters of the United States regulation and 2015 ozone standard. In all three cases, manufacturers asked for regulations we could live with—and when we didn’t get them, we were forced to sue. AG Pruitt did the same for the citizens of Oklahoma.

Ross Eisenberg Vice President, Energy and Resources Policy, December 30, 2016

Calling on All Friends of Manufacturing: Ask Senators to Support the President-Elect’s Nominee for EPA