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“Smart, connected products are helping to redefine the future of manufacturing.” Sealed Air

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"Manufacturing today … is very technology-infused, technology-driven, and there's a need for science and technology and engineering and mathematics on the technological side of it. It's far more than I think really anybody, far more than many folks had thought was going to be necessary this soon. The advances are just continuing at a dizzying pace. If you look at the "Internet of Things" and how that's now being infused into almost everything in our lives, including every manufacturing process and manufactured device, it's pretty important to have those skill sets to be able to deal with it."

NAM President and CEO Jay Timmons, February 26, 2016, in Tampa Bay Times

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The Internet of Things represents the third great wave of competitive transformation driven by technology. The implications for business are massive and present a set of critical strategic choices. This webinar featuring PTC President and CEO Jim Heppelmann explains the broader implications of this trend on business and on the opportunity for renewed U.S. leadership.

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“...if the United States does not come together on a national strategy to leverage the IoT, we risk falling behind those countries that already have.”

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