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It’s Time for Congress to Act on Ozone Implementation Relief

“Manufacturers are encouraged to see House leaders pursue much-needed legislation to reduce the burdens and inflexibilities associated with the 2015 ozone standards. H.R. 4775 would ensure continued air quality improvements across the country, while better aligning the rule’s requirements with the realities of the economy, technology and existing policies.

Manufacturers will continue creating the products and solutions that will allow for even lower emissions and a more sustainable future, but we need the right policies in place to grow and innovate. Over the past year, we have heard from an increasing number of voices from across the country calling for a more reasonable approach to ozone regulations. Now, the very state regulators charged with implementing this policy are highlighting directly to Congress their concerns. We remain optimistic that Congress will listen to these voices and enact this commonsense legislation.”

NAM Vice President of Energy and Resources Policy Ross Eisenberg

Ozone Standard Will Kill American Jobs

“It's not just manufacturers who will bear this burden; Americans across the country will feel the costs of this expensive, new regulation.”

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 By a nearly three-to-one margin, Americans think that a bigger problem for their local area is “less economic growth and job opportunities caused by regulations” (66%) rather than “lower air quality caused by pollution” (23%).

Three-in-four (76%) respondents believe that stricter federal air quality regulations would increase their taxes; 65% believe they would make it harder for local businesses to start or grow; and 78% believe that they would increase costs on everyday goods and services.

Most respondents prefer that decisions about the federal air quality be handled by local officials (46%) or state officials (29%). Less than one-in-five (18%) respondents think the federal government should have more of a say over air quality regulations in their local area.

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