Connected Technology Makes a Difference For Manufacturers

Today’s manufacturers are at the forefront of innovation. The latest technologies are increasingly embedded into their products and processes. The following companies tell us—and show us—how connected technology is transforming manufacturing.

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Investment Is Key...

“Pella Corporation has invested in technology to better streamline our processes and improve collaboration, services and products. Technology programs give us the tools and platforms to better communicate and connect our team members, our customers and our sales branches. An example of this is the upgrades and changes we’ve made to integrate Pella’s sales tools that allow in-home appointments to be scheduled in real-time. We are the leader in our industry to provide this type of service and collaboration.”
– Pella Corporation

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Makes the Competitive Advantage...

“PTC is at the forefront of providing a disruptive suite of IoT technology that enables companies to securely connect smart things, manage and analyze data, quickly create applications, and ultimately transform their business and thrive in this new world.”

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Smart, Connected Products...

“Smart, connected products are helping to redefine the future of manufacturing. With the launch of the Internet of Clean™, Sealed Air has taken an early and decisive step forward in making the connected future a reality for the commercial cleaning industry.”
– Sealed Air

Watch Sealed Air President and CEO Jerome Peribere describe the company's Internet of Clean™ beginning at the 2:20 mark.


Exciting New Trends...

“Teradata is seeing an exciting new trend: Manufacturers are bringing analytics to the shop floor—traditionally the territory of engineers, operators and other staff who rarely had access to the tools and techniques available within the company’s broader data ecosystem.” 
– Teradata

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Teradata conveyed the company's vision for the future of manufacturing in the May 2015 issue of Member Focus.
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The Internet of BIG Things...

“Caterpillar specializes in big—big trucks, big engines, big machines; big data is simply the next big on our list. In fact, in the industries Caterpillar serves today, we have the largest population of connected machines and engines in the world. And now, we're developing the next generation of data analytics to deliver the next generation of products and services that will help our worldwide customers succeed. That's why we say Caterpillar goes beyond the Internet of things, to the Internet of big things.”
– Caterpillar

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