What You Need to Know

Manufacturers recognize that the maintenance and protection of our nation's cyber-infrastructure is critical to national and economic security, and work with the federal government to advance the cybersecurity of our nation through increased collaboration and coordination with the private sector.

Internet-based attacks can wreak havoc on industry and government agencies alike. Due to the interdependence and reliance of the entire economy and government on the Internet for communication, commerce and homeland security, the Internet deserves continued attention in national homeland security initiatives and preparedness activities.

Because the manufacturing industry is a leader in responding to new cybersecurity threats, the NAM supports a cybersecurity policy that draws on industry-driven best practices and the private sector to continue to develop appropriate general and industry-specific best-practices for improved security.

“Manufacturers are the creators, users, servicers, and installers of the Internet of Things. Billions of connected devices are pervasive throughout manufactured products and on the shop floors where they are made. This technology is creating enormous opportunity and driving transformative change. It has made all manufacturers into technology companies.”
“The IOT will increase the attack surface for manufacturers. The more that shop floors become imbued with intelligent machines, the more those machines will contain data worth stealing.”

— Excerpts from “Cybersecurity in the Manufacturing Sector” by Brian Raymond, NAM Director, Innovation Policy

Webinar: Heightened Manufacturing Cyber Risks in a Complex, Interconnected World
October 13, 2015