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Continued innovation in manufacturing depends on national technology policies that drive economic growth, productivity gains and job creation. The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) D.A.T.A. (Driving the Agenda for Technology Advancement) Center is an organization within the NAM geared toward educating policymakers and the public about the clear intersection of technology and manufacturing. It brings together private-sector expertise and public-sector influence to support a robust technology policy agenda on behalf of the entire manufacturing ecosystem. 



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Scot Allen (Verizon) Moderating Panel 2014-09-23Scot Allen of Verizon, far left, moderator of a panel comprised of, left to right, Shahram Mehraban of Intel, Andrew Coleman of Teradata and Doug Brent of Trimble Navigation Ltd., speaks to the audience at a forum at the Verizon Innovation Center-West in San Francisco entitled "Discussion on the Intersection of Manufacturing and Technology; How it Impacts Silicon Valley." Photo by David Butow


Manufacturers Drive Technology and Innovation

At the NAM, we know that creating manufacturing jobs in the United States and maintaining our competitive advantage in a global marketplace depend on technology. Technology is the adhesive that bonds together products, processes, tools, equipment, employees and customers.

Technology Policy Decisions in Washington Impact Every NAM Member
Technology policy decisions out of Washington have a direct impact on manufacturers. Companies from all industry sectors increasingly turn to the NAM as one of their most valuable partners in communicating technology policy positions. The NAM has an opportunity-and an obligation to our members-to build even more momentum around the importance of technology to manufacturers.

The NAM Is a Leader on Technology Policy
The NAM has built a robust technology policy agenda focused on issues that matter to all manufacturing sectors. Our work has established the NAM as a leader on technology policy issues. Manufacturers have the most intellectual property (IP), spend the most on research and development and have the highest number of engineers and skilled workers. Protecting that IP through reforms to the patent system, sharing information on cyber threats and promoting the importance of wireless technology embedded in the products of our members are at the top of the NAM's policy priority list.


The NAM D.A.T.A. Policy Center

The NAM must work on behalf of its members to ensure that policy decisions position manufacturers in the United States as global leaders on technology. The D.A.T.A. Center provides a valuable resource that all NAM members can leverage to drive the message that technology matters. We must protect manufacturers' invaluable and often invisible intellectual capital.

Empowering Manufacturers  
The D.A.T.A. Center enhances the NAM's existing policy expertise by leveraging senior executive involvement and thought leadership in targeted efforts to advance the growth of manufacturing in the United States.


Protecting Intellectual Property
Innovation is one of our greatest strengths and a major contributor to economic growth and industrial competitiveness. The resulting IP created by the manufacturers driving this innovation is the lifeblood of our economy. Improved IP protections contribute to continued innovation, improved trade performance, sound economic growth and strengthened national security.

Securing Information Infrastructure
Security of information and sensitive data is critical to economic and national security. Through their comprehensive and connected relationships with customers, vendors, suppliers and governments, manufacturers are entrusted with vast amounts of data. The NAM D.A.T.A. Center facilitates ongoing dialogue between the government and manufacturers to bolster the security of critical infrastructure and therefore the security of the U.S. economy.

Enabling Spectrum-Dependent Facilities and Products
Manufacturers are increasingly embedding technology into their products, particularly wireless technology and services. The resulting array of spectrum-dependent products range from heavy construction and farming equipment to those with defense industrial base applications. We also manufacture the infrastructure itself-the fiber-optic cables, the pipes that protect the cables underground, the special drills that create horizontal tunnels for the pipes to pass through. As users of broadband technology, manufacturers leverage smartphones and tablets to track our products and inventory and connect with our customers and employees. The NAM D.A.T.A. Center works to demonstrate how wireless networks connect all aspects of our businesses and products.

Fostering Innovation and Emerging Technology
Technology and innovation play a critical role in our economic competitiveness and the growth of manufacturing. Much of this innovation has its origins in basic research along with public-private partnerships. Manufacturers engage in various public-private partnerships with universities and federal research agencies. There are significant opportunities inside the NAM D.A.T.A. Center to explore these partnerships and discover new ways to drive innovation in manufacturing technology and processes.


As a longstanding member of the NAM, Teradata is honored to be a member of the D.A.T.A. Policy Center and the step forward that the organization is taking to bring together private- and public-sector expertise into the entire manufacturing ecosystem. Technology is having a profound effect on manufacturers, the economy, our culture and policy debates in Washington, D.C. As a manufacturer and leading analytic data platforms, applications and services company, Teradata has seen how the ability to analyze all the data is a competitive differentiator.

- Bob Fair, executive vice president, chief marketing and information officer, Teradata Corporation

The business community welcomes this initiative by the NAM because innovation and continuous product improvement is the key to success in today's global markets. It is vitally important that our government leaders and the public at large fully appreciate the links between research and development, innovation, U.S. manufacturing jobs and our nation's future economic prosperity.

- Tim Keating, senior vice president, government operations, Boeing

The diverse U.S. technology sector was conceived and has been sustained as a result of important patent rights bestowed by our Constitution, designed to promote the progress of science and the useful arts, such as manufacturing. For centuries the guarantee of these inalienable rights has enabled diverse, cutting-edge American innovators such as universities, individual inventors, Cummins Allison and other manufacturers to grow and thrive, while incentivizing expansion of the technical knowledge base and industrial capabilities of our country. This success demonstrates the importance of robust intellectual property policies to economic growth, job creation and a strong America.

- William J. Jones, chairman, Cummins Allison Corporation

The NAM's new D.A.T.A. Center will help increase the understanding of the important role of technology in today's advanced manufacturing operations. At GLOBALFOUNDRIES, we manufacture some of the most advanced semiconductor products in the world, enabling the digital devices driving our modern global economy and improving lives around the world every day. Understanding that innovation and technology are all integral parts of the manufacturing value chain is key in garnering support for policies that will grow the U.S. economy.


Technology has already driven tremendous innovation and efficiency throughout our manufacturing processes here in the United States and abroad. The new D.A.T.A. Policy Center will further facilitate two-way communication between policymakers and the private sector, and Honda is proud to partner with the NAM as we seek to further cultivate a highly skilled and technically trained manufacturing workforce.

- Rick Schostek, senior vice president, Honda North America, Inc.

We applaud the NAM's initiative in launching the D.A.T.A. Center. It will enhance the NAM's ability to underscore the critical importance of policies that encourage and nurture technology innovation to a robust U.S. manufacturing sector.

- Gerald Musarra, vice president, government & regulatory affairs, Lockheed Martin Corporation

Technology skills and innovation are increasingly important to businesses in every sector. The establishment of this new center can be a helpful tool as we seek to forward strong policies to ensure America's economic future and vitality.

- Fred Humphries, vice president of US government affairs for Microsoft

As a leading U.S. manufacturer committed to bringing technology to life, delivering products and services for security, inspection, medical, energy, communications and engineered component markets, Smiths Group stands in full support of the NAM's efforts to establish the D.A.T.A. Policy Center. We look forward to doing our part in support of the NAM's efforts to educate policymakers about the critical role of how technology and manufacturing intersect and contribute to job creation in making the United States safer, healthier and more productive.

- Chris Swonger, senior vice president, government relations, Smiths Group

As the world leader in serving science, innovation is Thermo Fisher Scientific's lifeblood. When it comes to protecting the intellectual property associated with those developments, we work with the NAM and fellow manufacturers to ensure that the international community respects those investments. The NAM is key to getting our message heard by policymakers around the world.

- Randy Carter, vice president, information technology, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.

The automobile is in the midst of a technological revolution. Cars are increasingly connected to the Internet and to each other. The technology behind the 'connected car' is not only creating new benefits for driver safety and connectivity, but is also raising an array of public policy issues. We look forward to working closely with the NAM's new D.A.T.A. Center to make sure that the voice of auto manufacturers is heard as technology policy is being developed.

- Steve Ciccone, group vice president, government affairs, Toyota Motor North America

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