Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)


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What You Need to Know
NAM's ITC Testimony on TPP: Reader's Digest Version

Overall, the TPP agreement will substantially open the TPP markets, create a more level playing field in a part of the world where manufacturers are losing market share and set higher than status quo standards that will benefit the broad U.S. manufacturing sectors.

The TPP will further promote the growth and competitiveness of U.S. manufacturing by:

Eliminating hundreds of millions of dollars in annual tariffs paid to foreign governments;

Reducing and eliminating foreign government barriers and market distortions;

Setting stronger and more transparent standards to protect property and innovation and create a more level playing field; and creating strong, time-limited enforcement mechanisms.


Latest News From the NAM
Manufacturers Endorse Trans-Pacific Partnership

“Open markets encourage cooperation and prosperity among nations and governments, rather than conflict, and the NAM has a long and proud history of promoting free and fair trade. After careful analysis, the NAM will support the TPP as it will open markets and put manufacturers in a much stronger position to compete in an important and growing region of the world. Support for the TPP, which allows manufacturers to be more competitive in a global economy, is in keeping with the NAM’s principles. Without such an agreement, the United States would be ceding economic leadership to other global powers, letting them set the rules of economic engagement in the region.”

NAM President and CEO Jay Timmons

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