Trade Toolkit - Action For Suppliers

The materials in this toolkit will help your company communicate directly to your employees, communities and policy makers on trade issues generally and key issues that Congress is expected to consider this year.While some manufacturers in the United States do not export directly, their products may feed into finished products in countries across the globe. Some may not even realize that the product they make today is being shipped around the world. For these suppliers, just like the manufacturers big and small that do export, international trade is vitally important to the growth of their company and their ability to sustain and grow good-paying jobs.  Trade and particularly trade agreements that eliminate discriminatory foreign barriers, protect American innovation and set in place stronger standards have helped propel a quadrupling of U.S manufactured goods exports over the last quarter of a century.

Yet, America is falling behind, as other countries race to win markets overseas. Manufacturers need to do more to explain the importance of robust trade policies, which would help America win a bigger share of new global opportunities, help manufacturers grow and encourage investment in local communities and the American workforce.

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