Monday Economic Report

  • Monday Economic Report: January 5, 2015

    05 January 2015 | eNewsletter

    Growth in manufacturing activity slowed somewhat in December, according to the Institute for Supply Management (ISM). The headline purchasing managers’ index (PMI) dropped from 58.7 in November to 55.5 in December, its lowest level in six months. Slower global growth, reduced commodity prices and the West Coast ports slowdown were cited in the ISM report as reasons for the decline. While this report was disappointing, it is notable that the lower figure followed several months of very healthy expansions in both new orders and production, and manufacturers were more upbeat at year’s end than earlier in the year.

  • Monday Economic Report: December 22, 2014

    22 December 2014 | eNewsletter

    Manufacturing production was up sharply in November, with output increasing 1.1 percent for the month and 4.8 percent year-over-year. These healthy gains followed a softer-than-desired autumn, and we hope it suggests that production figures will begin to match the relative optimism regarding expected demand and output seen in a number of sentiment surveys, including the latest NAM/IndustryWeek Survey of Manufacturers. Capacity utilization for the sector was also higher, up from 77.6 percent in October to 78.4 percent in November.

  • Monday Economic Report: December 15, 2014

    15 December 2014 | eNewsletter

    The biggest domestic economic news story last week was actually a global one: The price of petroleum continued to plummet. Since peaking at $107.95 per barrel on June 20, the price of West Texas Intermediate crude has fallen dramatically, down to $57.49 a barrel on Friday.

  • Monday Economic Report: December 8, 2014

    08 December 2014 | eNewsletter

    Business leaders continue to reflect optimism about the coming months, with 91.2 percent of survey respondents saying they are either somewhat or very positive about their own company’s outlook. Moreover, manufacturers predict growth of 4.5 percent in sales and 2.1 percent in employment over the next 12 months, with both experiencing the strongest pace in at least two years.

  • Monday Economic Report: December 1, 2014

    01 December 2014 | eNewsletter

    The U.S. economy grew 3.9 percent at the annual rate in the third quarter, according to revised real GDP data released last week. This was better than the 3.5 percent original estimate, and more importantly, it suggests real GDP increased at an annualized 4.2 percent over the past two quarters.

  • Monday Economic Report: November 24, 2014

    24 November 2014 | eNewsletter

    Central banks around the world have acted recently in an attempt to lift a sagging global economy. On Friday, for instance, the European Central Bank (ECB) announced that it has begun purchasing asset-backed securities, finally beginning a quantitative easing program that some have long sought.

  • Monday Economic Report: November 17, 2014

    17 November 2014 | eNewsletter

    Manufacturers produced $2.085 trillion in value-added in the second quarter, according to new data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis. That figure is continued evidence that the manufacturing sector has a significant impact on economic activity, accounting for 12 percent of GDP.

  • Monday Economic Report: November 10, 2014

    10 November 2014 | eNewsletter

    Last week, we received a number of encouraging reports on the state of the manufacturing sector and the U.S. economy. The Institute for Supply Management reported that its manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) rebounded, up from 56.6 in September to 59.0 in October.

  • Monday Economic Report: November 3, 2014

    03 November 2014 | eNewsletter

    The U.S. economy grew 3.5 percent at the annual rate in the third quarter, representing decent growth following the disappointing first half of 2014. Consumer and business spending, which rebounded strongly in the second quarter, extended those gains in the third quarter, albeit with some easing in the pace of growth.

  • Monday Economic Report: October 27, 2014

    27 October 2014 | eNewsletter

    What a difference a week makes. After a volatile week in financial markets amid worldwide economic worries, things calmed down last week. While the Dow Jones Industrial Average remains 2.7 percent below its all-time high on September 19, it gained 425 points last week, or 2.6 percent. Attitudes shifted to a more positive stance on decent earnings reports and on news that firms remain mostly upbeat in their outlook.

  • Monday Economic Report: October 20, 2014

    20 October 2014 | eNewsletter

    Global financial markets were highly volatile last week, with investors concerned about slower growth in Europe and an Ebola outbreak in the United States, among other factors. Indeed, industrial production in the Eurozone fell 1.8 percent in August, and activity was down largely across-the-board, most notably in Germany (down 4.3 percent), the Eurozone’s largest economy.

  • Monday Economic Report: October 14, 2014

    14 October 2014 | eNewsletter

    Financial markets have been rocked by worries about slowing economic growth, particularly in Europe. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has fallen 4.2 percent so far this month, declining to 16,321.07 yesterday on Columbus Day.

  • Monday Economic Report: October 6, 2014

    06 October 2014 | eNewsletter

    Several recent indicators have shown marked improvements in the U.S. economy and for manufacturing activity, particularly when compared to earlier in the year. These range from the NAM/IndustryWeek Survey of Manufacturers to increased levels of demand and output.

  • Monday Economic Report: September 29, 2014

    29 September 2014 | eNewsletter

    The U.S. economy grew an annualized 4.6 percent in the second quarter of this year, its fastest pace since the fourth quarter of 2011. Consumer and business spending were the big bright spots in the real GDP report, with strong rebounds after softness in the first quarter.

  • Monday Economic Report: September 15, 2014

    16 September 2014 | eNewsletter

    The latest NAM/ IndustryWeek Survey of Manufacturers found that businesses are generally upbeat about the coming months. Manufacturing respondents expect 4.4 percent growth in sales on average over the next 12 months, the fastest pace of expected growth in new orders since the first quarter of 2012, when the sector was expanding more robustly.